Africa customers visited us

December 12, 2018
Latest company news about Africa customers visited us

On the evening of October 30, 2018, two Africa clients flew from the other side of the ocean to Shanghai for nearly 10 hours. The next day, they visited Shanghai Density Company. The next day I bought them tickets to Shandong and got off at Zibo Station. My colleague TOM drove to pick them up. In the afternoon, the customer visited the factory, looked at the production line and products in the workshop of the factory, and in the afternoon went to the tile factory to see the goods he was about to send to Mogadishu. The customer carefully measured the width and length of the products. The size of the products themselves and the length was the same as that of our contract. The customer expressed his satisfaction. On the second day, the customer took the high-speed rail to Yiwu.